Dressing up for New Year's with Alkaram Studio's Unstitched Collection

Dressing up for New Year's with Alkaram Studio's Unstitched Collection

New Year’s is a time to enjoy and look forward to new opportunities. And what better way to make the most of the festivities on New Year’s Eve, than welcome it with your best outfit from Alkaram Studio’s collection!

And we have the best tips for your New Year's celebrations. So, whether you’re going out with friends, on a date, or having a family night at home, we have you sorted!

You can take inspiration from our designs and look your best when welcoming the new year.

Dressing Up for New Year’s

New Year’s is a great time. Everyone is making resolutions, getting together, and celebrating. To make your New Year’s special, we have some great ideas for you:

1. Wear Chunky Jewelry

Chunky jewelry is quite popular these days and is a great way to make a style statement. Chunky jewelry looks especially great if you’re going to a get together or an outing.

Plus, chunky jewelry will look great with the rusty color palette in this season’s Alkaram Studio unstitched collection.

2. Be Creative with Your Dress’ Designs

Alkaram Studio’s winter collection includes printed designs that look great stitched into the classic kameez and trouser.

However, this New Year’s it's time to be creative with your dress designs. Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection has sufficient fabric to allow you to get these designs stitched:


Poncho is a popular winter design that mostly uses woolen or thick fabric. However, you can get a poncho stitched using viscose or khaddar fabrics as well. Alkaram Studio has great winter fabrics that will look great stitched as ponchos.


Shrugs made from printed fabric look great with plain inner and plain trousers. Because co-ords are in this season, you can get a plain inner stitched and use the shirt piece for the shrug. Make sure you select an overall printed design from Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection for this design.

Check out this shrug style that Maya Ali is rocking with a plain yellow inner. The shrug is made of embroidered fabric and uses a delicate lace to accentuate the borders.


Kaftans are popular as partywear. However, kaftans look quite stylish for a casual night out as well. Check out this kaftan style stitched using twill viscose fabric. Alkaram Studio’s designers have accentuated the sleeves with small tassels. You can pair it with a shawl of contrasting color to complete the look for New Year’s.

3. Add Tassels to Your Dupatta

While Alkaram Studio has a lot of 3-piece unstitched outfits that come with shawls, you can cleverly convert any dupatta into a shawl by adding tassels. You can enhance the look of your dupatta even more adding both a delicate lace and tassels on the corners.

4. Rock Your Outfit with a Velvet Shawl

Winters are incomplete without shawls! Even if you invest in an outfit from Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection that comes with a shawl, you can pair it with a velvet shawl. This pairing looks extravagant, especially if you’re planning to wear it for a New Year’s party or a date night.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection is full of wonderful designs, earthy colors, and elegant shawls. If you’re planning to wear an outfit for your New Year’s celebrations, there’s no better pick that Alkaram Studio’s collection. You can further accentuate your outfit by wearing chunky jewelry, getting your outfit stitched in a creative way, and pairing it with a velvet shawl.

Feeling inspired? Head over to the Alkaram Studio Website or your nearest Alkaram Studio store to get your hands on the best Winter Collection this season!