Best Colors in the Spring Summer Unstitched Collection

Best Colors in the Spring Summer Unstitched Collection

Spring is all about colors and beautiful flowery patterns. Alkaram’s designers have created the Spring Summer collection keeping the same in mind. This new collection has one of the most beautiful color combinations and designs that will keep you looking fresh despite the heat.

We have gathered a list of the top color choices in Alkaram’s Spring Summer collection. Let’s get on to the list:

Lime Green

Lime green is a cool spring color that looks quite refreshing to wear in the heat. Alkaram’s latest Spring-Summer unstitched collection has a few lime-green outfits combined with colors like blue and white.

Check out this lime-green and blue outfit that looks quite apt for the spring-summer season. In the daytime, you can couple this with white shoes and white sunglasses to balance out the colorful look.

This lime-green and white combination is also quite gorgeous. But if you want to wear something bright, this lime-green and pink outfit has got you covered. With a gorgeous pink, floral pattern on a lime green base, you will find yourself looking bright and great in this spring-summer season.


Many outfits in Alkaram’s summer collection form combinations with white to beat the heat. However, white is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why this orange and pink 3-piece unstitched outfit is great for the summer season.

The color combination of orange and pink often looks too loud. But Alkaram’s designers have chosen just the right shade of orange and pink to make sure that none of these colors look the least bit overbearing. Here is another pink and orange outfit for you if you love this color combination.

While orange can be too bright for some people, there’s no harm in experimenting with the color, especially since orange is such a popular color for the spring-summer season. Here is a gorgeous floral orange and grey outfit that perfectly balances the brightness of orange with the subtleness of grey for people who don’t want bright color combinations for the heat, but still want something that looks beautifully feminine.

Light Blue

Alkaram’s unstitched collection is replete with outfits that are summer perfect. Light blue is a recurring color in the collection that is a perfect pick for those who don’t want to wear anything bright.

Check out this light blue printed 3-piece outfit that you can pair with white accessories to give off a cool vibe. This light blue with white is also a popular color combination in the collection.


Pink is also a great color for the spring season. Alkaram’s spring-summer collection has a number of bright pink and pastel pink outfits that you can choose from according to your taste.

If you wish to wear something bright, this gorgeous bright pink and yellow combination will give you the spring vibes. If you’re looking for something subtle for formal wear or office wear, this pastel pink 2pc cambric outfit should be your pick. This pink with a toned down orange is also a great color combination if you want to wear something that looks perfectly balanced.

Final Words

With the heat being unbearable, there are lots of color combinations to experiment with that will keep you stylish yet cool. Alkaram’s Spring-Summer collection has a number of outfits with various color combinations. So, if you want a combination to keep it cool, select a color like pastel pink or light blue. However, if you want something that gives off a flowery, spring vibe, go for color combinations like bright orange and lime green.

To browse through this new collection visit your nearest Alkaram store now or browse the collection online to get your hands on the best color combinations for your spring summer wardrobe.