4 Design Inspirations for Formal Wear with Unstitched Winter Collection 2023

4 Design Inspirations for Formal Wear with Unstitched Winter Collection 2023

Every fashion enthusiast divides their wardrobe into three sections – casual wear, formal wear, and festive wear. However, we often run out of ideas when it comes to formal or casual wear resulting in some dresses looking completely plain and similar to others.

In Pakistan, there are a lot of fabrics in unstitched winter wear including linen, viscose, and even velvet. But if you’re not into fashion design, you cannot create designs that leverage the unique look of these fabrics and the amazing prints and colors in the winter collection.

Lucky for you, we’ve gathered some designers behind Alkaram Studio’s winter collection to give some design inspirations for formal wear:

1. Geometric Designs

Geometric prints offer a great opportunity for you to design stylish cuts for your benefit. Check this article for instance. The neckline is designed in perfect symmetry with the geometrical design, making the dress look slimming and stylish.

You can also use geometric prints like vertical stripes to your benefit. For instance, this kaftan design looks great with this vertical print from Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection. If you use the same print horizontally, you’d note that the stitched outfit will not look very stylish.

Also check this vertical geometric print that looks great with minimalistic design elements like buttons and cuff sleeves. Both these prints show how you can use vertical striped prints to look elongating and slimming.

2. Accentuating Smaller Patterns

Smaller printed patterns like this one look great with minimalistic design elements. For instance, you can use the printed strip for the neck, sleeves, and daaman along with a delicate lace.

On the other hand, larger floral prints can be used as shrugs or designed with a boatneck like in this article. You can also combine large floral prints with vertical geometric designs like this one to make the shoulders look smaller.

3. Yolk Designs

In 2024, you will see yolk designs in many stitched outfits and kurtis. To wear this style before it becomes hugely common, invest in the Alkaram Studio’s unstitched winter collection! Check this two-piece unstitched karandi outfit for instance. It looks great with a delicate printed strip and matching delicate lace used for the design.

You can also combine the yolk design with an angarkha style like this to make the outfit look even more stylish and appealing.

Yolk prints only look great with printed outfits. If you choose a dress that already has a neckline embroidery, this design won’t be the best choice for you.

4. Choose the Right Outfits

While printed outfits look amazing with stylish cuts and designs, choosing the right outfit for the event is also an important factor.

For formal occasions, you can go for embroidered outfits or something like jacquard that reflects gold accents. Alkaram Studio’s unstitched winter collection also has outfits that come with amazing shawls. If you’re going for a formal event, select these outfits to shine out from the crowd!

Check out this embroidered twill viscose suit that has a shawl and gold colored embroidery or this neps yarn dyed suit with a beautiful yellow and blue combination.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection is full of wonderful designs, earthy colors, and elegant shawls. For formal wear in winters, there’s no better pick that Alkaram Studio’s collection. Apart from picking the best prints and formal designs from Alkaram Studio’s collection, it is important to design the outfit by considering the print type and trending designs.

Feeling inspired? Head over to the Alkaram Studio Website or your nearest Alkaram Studio store to get your hands on the best Winter Collection this season!