Color Combinations to keep you cool this Summer Season

Color Combinations to keep you cool this Summer Season

In the exhausting hot sunny days working with colors is a good idea. Using cooler light tones is a good reflector of heat and makes you feel a little lighter.

Here are some color duos that can keep you frosty and smart during the roasting summer.

Classic White and Navy Blue

White is popular in summer. Because it repels light and heat, it's perfect for sizzling days. You can combine it with navy blue to add elegance. A white lawn shirt with a navy blue dupatta with some light accessories is comfortable and smart, perfect for a relaxed day out or a summer get-together.

Cool Mint and Soft Gray

Mint green invokes coolness, like a fresh breeze. Combined with soft grey, it creates a calming palette. A mint green shirt paired with a soft grey dupatta is a color duo to die for. You can always experiment with different dupatas and shirts. However, prints can be tricky but you can always mix and match.

Pastel Pink and Light Beige

Pastel pink is easy on the eyes and oozes soft, feminine charm. Together with light beige, it brings an airy and delicate look ideal for summer. A pastel pink shirt with a beige dupatta or the other way around is an excellent combination for both casual and dressy occasions.

You can also select our 1 pc silver printed shirt and pair it with white.

Sky Blue and Crisp White

Sky blue is another summer synonym. It’s light, and airy and reminds us of clear summer skies. Together with crisp white, it creates a fresh, breezy look. A sky blue plain or printed shirt paired with white trousers and a white dupatta is perfect for a scorching summer day, delivering cool looks and feels due to the light-reflecting properties of both shades.

You can also pair the blue and white printed shirt with one of your neutral grey trousers.

Lemon Yellow and Soft White

Lemon yellow is bright, and cheerful, signifying summer. Matched with soft white, it gives a vibrant yet soothing look. A lemon yellow shirt with white trousers or a plain white suit with a lemon shade dupatta can lift the mood and keep you chilled, great for outdoor functions adding a splash of color to your summer dresses.

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Light Coral and Cream

Light coral is a gorgeous, warm hue that works amazingly in summer. Combined with cream, delivers a balanced, cooling outlook. A light coral suit with cream sandals with light coral shorts is both stylish and comfy, great for evening outings or summer parties.

Aqua and White

Aqua reminds us of the sea, bringing instant coolness. Combined with white, it delivers a crisp, cool look. An aqua shirt with white trousers adorned with aqua accessories keeps you chilled and stylish, best for beach outings or casual summer meets. You can also opt for a simple flow aqua shirt for an easy and comfortable style.

Peach and Light Gray

Peach is a soft, warm hue that blends well with light grey, creating a soothing, fashionable combination. A light printed peachy or a light grey plain suit coupled with a peachy dupatta is wonderful for hot summer days, perfect for a laid-back yet smart summer look.

You can opt for a printed peach dupatta and pair it with a printed pretty shirt or wear white trousers with unstitched pieces.


The right color choices significantly influence your feeling of coolness during scorching summer. Light, pastel, and soft shades are generally better picks as they reflect more light and heat. By using these color combinations in your summer dresses, you can remain cool, considerate, and ready to enjoy the season. Enjoy Alkaram's latest collection refreshing your wardrobe with these frosty shades and stylishly combat the heat!