The Best Rang-e-bahar Vol 2 Picks

The Best Rang-e-bahar Vol 2 Picks

Rang-e-bahar is one of Alkaram’s signature collections that launches in May. This collection is the epitome of elegance and colorful bliss. The spring season’s colors and floral patterns are evident in each piece. However, the beautiful balance of colors makes this collection the perfect pick for the upcoming summer season.

Rang-e-bahar’s volume 2 is also a top choice for Eid-ul-Azha outfits this season. So, if you’re shopping for summers or to look your best at Eid, stick around because we’re here with the top picks from Alkaram’s Rang-e-bahar volume 2 collection.

Beige and Green Poly Viscose Suit

This beige and green poly viscose 3-piece outfit from Alkaram’s Rang-e-bahar collection tops the list as the best pick of the season. The elegance of emerald green and beige with the pop of color with pink is what makes this outfit a gem in the collection.

Its dupatta is also majorly pink and green which perfectly balances the beige trousers and shirt. You can pair this dress with pink or emerald green accessories to further accentuate the look, especially if you’re choosing this for Eid.

Orange Three Piece Printed Poly Viscose Suit

Orange is one of the top colors in Alkaram’s Spring-summer and Rang-e-bahar collection. The reason being that orange gives the perfect, fresh feel in the summer heat. But too much orange also looks overbearing which is why this three-piece poly viscose suit has the perfect tone of orange that looks perfect with the mint-green and pink color.

The circles in the dupatta also give a playful touch to the outfit, making it perfect for daytime or evening wear. This is also a great pick for Eid or casual gatherings, especially if you get it stitched with delicate laces and embellishments.

Emerald Green Two Piece Printed Poly Viscose Suit

If you want to go for a darker tone this spring, this emerald-green and black ensemble is the perfect pick for you. With delicate floral patterns in black printed all over the shirt, you will feel like royalty. Get it stitched with delicate black laces and embellishments to accentuate this dress.

This dress is perfect for night-time wear or casual gatherings as dark colors are most suited for night-time during the summer season. Pair it with black stilettos and jewelry for a regal look.

Black 3 Pc Embroidered Poly Lawn Suit with Chiffon Dupatta

If black is your color, then you don’t want to miss out on this 3-piece embroidered lawn dress. With a delicate yellow and orange floral pattern all over the shirt, this is the perfect piece for anyone who wants to embrace the elegance of black and the femininity of the spring season.

The chiffon dupatta in black with spaced florals offers a perfect combination. You can wear this as casual wear or for a date night out and rock the color.

Rose Pink 3 Pc Embroidered Poly Lawn Suit With Zari Stripes Dupatta

This rose-pink outfit from Alkaram’s Rang-e-bahar vol 2 is absolutely stunning. What makes it Best is its zari dupatta which gives it the perfect bling. The gorgeous color combination makes this outfit just right for a night out, a dawat, or Eid festivities. Its pink floral print and embroidery add femininity to the dress and with the right stitching style suited to your body, this dress will become your favorite this season.

Final Words

Alkaram brings the trendiest prints and designs to its customers. The Rang-e-bahar collection is full of floral prints, charming color combinations, and fabric perfectly suited for the season. While we have listed our top 5 picks from the second volume of the collection, almost all pieces in the collection are absolutely gorgeous. So, browse this collection online today, or head to your nearest Alkaram store to get your hands on this collection.