4 Trending Trouser Styles for Winter 2023

4 Trending Trouser Styles for Winter 2023

Winters are here and so is Alkaram Studio’s Winter Collection! The best part about the winter collection is the selection of fabrics. Alkaram Studio’s winter collection fabrics including jacquard, viscose, chambre, khaddar, and cambric are bound to keep one warm throughout the season.

However, when it comes to styling formal dresses or unstitched dresses, print and embroidery also matters a lot. Lucky for fashion enthusiasts, Alkaram Studio tops this domain too. However, many of us are often confused about which style to pick and get stitched from the unstitched collection.

Even though Alkaram Studio’s designers give a card with every unstitched dress for design inspiration, sometimes, it is not enough. From the design for the shirt to the trousers and dupatta, you want to get something stitched that looks out of the ordinary and reflects your style.

Worry not! We are here with 4 trending trouser styles for you to get inspired for your winter wardrobe!

1. Cuff Trouser Style

The cuff trouser style is something new this winter season. Although cuff sleeves were quite popular in the past few years, no one thought that the cuff would look great in the form of trousers. Cuff trousers style look great as both casual and formal wear.

Here’s the design inspiration for the cuff trouser style. This look will look great when you select viscose or chambre fabrics from the Alkaram Studio Winter Collection.

2. Tulip Shalwar Style

Tulip shalwars were very in last summer season. However, these shalwars look best when you pick breezy fabrics like lawn, thin viscose, or cotton. But since these shalwars are in trend these days, you can always get them designed in winter viscose fabric to stay warm, comfortable, and stylish during the season.

Here’s the design inspiration for the tulip shalwar style that you can pair with round daaman shirts this season.

3. Churidaar Style

The churidar style was quite popular back in 2000-2010. But ever since trousers came into fashion, they replaced the traditional churidar and shalwar. In 202, both churidar and shalwars made a fashion comeback.

You can check the design inspiration for shalwar here and churidar here. You can pair both with traditional shirt designs like Anarkali style or plain straight cut.

4. Bell Bottom Trousers

Straight cut trousers and shalwars are quite popular in the winters. But this year, bell bottoms and wide-style trousers have made a comeback. While you can get them stitched plain, if you’re getting the suit stitched for yourself, don’t hessite to put in a bit of creativity to it.

Consider getting matching laces to embellish it or ask your tailor to add chevron pattern or horizontal pintex to it. You can even combine both laces and pintex to achieve a stylish look.

Here’s the design inspiration for the bell bottom trousers that will look great with any fabric from Alkaram Studio’s Winter Collection.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio’s winter collection features an amazing color palette, exquisite embroidery, and dresses paired with amazing shawls– all perfect for creating a customized, trendy look for winters.

The designers at Alkaram style every unstitched dress for a model for inspiration, you can always mix and match design styles to create something unique for your winter wardrobe. We have collected 4 trending trouser styles featured in Alkaram Studio’s Unstitched Winter Collection 2023 that you can use for any dress you select this season.

Feeling inspired? Head over to the Alkaram Studio Website or your nearest Alkaram Studio store to get your hands on the best Winter Collection this season!