Lawn Dress Designs for Summer 2023

Lawn Dress Designs for Summer 2023

Summer welcomes us with the scorching heat, monsoon rains, and even hailstorms! But at Alkaram Studio, we welcome the summers with new dress designs that are just perfect for the season and what’s ‘in’ in the fashion world.

Our unstitched collection is made of cool breezy lawn that will keep you fashionable while you go to summer gatherings. The lawn is also perfect for adorning during summer evening days and nights to always look your best!

If you’re picking our designs from the unstitched collection this summer, here are some lawn dress designs that will keep you rocking your look anytime, anywhere:

1. Delicate Gota Laces

Delicate gota laces can make any dress pop! This summer, you can make pleats with gota on your trousers too! It will add that much-needed zing to your dress, especially if you’re getting it stitched for Eid!

This look will go particularly well with jacquard that already has dull gold motifs all over. However, it can also pop any lawn shirt too! This gota work will immediately make everyone notice your dress, and of course, complement it.

2. Puffed Sleeves

When you are adorning the rest of the dress with laces and embellishments why forget the sleeves? In 2023, you don’t only have laces to accentuate your sleeves. You can also try this slightly puffed sleeves look. It gives you an elegant look and room on your arms to flaunt your favorite jewelry or watch!

3. Fabric Tassels

If you have embroidery or a printed neckline, you can accentuate its look by adding some tassels made from the same fabric. You can even add small delicate pearl beads with it to look absolutely ravishing. You can even make a simple lawn suit look very classy with this lawn dress design.

Seashells are also a common embellishment for summer clothing, you can get your tailor to stitch them to your sleeves with accurate spacing. Or you could add seashells to the long neckline.

4. Bell Sleeves

You can also go for slightly belled sleeves for your lawn suit. However, if you’re adding volume to the sleeves, make sure to keep a straight trouser with it so the look of the dress is balanced. Similarly, if you are going for slightly puffed sleeves, you can opt for belled trousers to balance the look.

This season belled and straight trousers, both are trending.

5. Short Sleeves

Since it’s summer, you can go sleeveless or opt for elbow length sleeves. You can accentuate these with pearls or a delicate lace, so it doesn’t look very simple. Make sure that the length of the sleeves just just below your elbow and not just the length from the top of your arm to the elbow. If the sleeve pulls up above your elbow, it will give an awkward, unkempt look.

Final Words

 You can enhance your summer look by opting from the huge collection of fresh prints by Alkaram Studio. These prints are all cool, summer colors that will make you look up-to-date with the season. When you get these pieces stitched according to the latest design trends, you will get your money’s worth from the unstitched dress.

These design ideas will give you the best look this summer that everyone is bound to complement!