How to Beat the Heat with Alkaram Studio's Summer Collection

How to Beat the Heat with Alkaram Studio's Summer Collection

Although summers have just begun, the rising heat is already testing everyone’s patience. However, for office going women and those who go out during the day, the heat is making it hard to look decent. Many summer collections have fabrics that are see-through to make the heat bearable. However, it beats the purpose as women must wear slips underneath to make the outfit look decent.

However, Alkaram Studio knows what the Pakistani woman needs in the summer season – a collection that can help them beat the heat while preserving decency. But for Alkaram Studio’s designers, beating the heat also means staying stylish and looking cool during this challenging season.

Here’s how Alkaram Studio’s spring-summer collection can help you beat the heat without any compromise on the fabric quality:

1. Cool Blue Color Combinations

The best part about Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer collection is its gorgeous color combinations. Not only are these combinations eye-catching, but also give a cool feel because they repel the heat. White-blue and yellow-blue are some combinations that designers have especially designed keeping in mind the unbearable heat.

We also have this gorgeous blue-pink outfit from Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection that you can wear to beat the heat.

Cool Blue Color Combinations

2. Pastel and White Colors

Although white isn’t present in all outfits, it is one of the most common colors in the spring-summer collection. Plus, the collection is replete with pastel colors, which combined with bright colors give a cool, yet glamorous look to rock the summer season.

3. Breathable Lawn Outfits

Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer collection uses fabrics that are quite breathable. It includes lawn outfits with different dupatta combinations to work well in the summers. And although these fabrics are breathable, they are quite decent. It means that the weave isn’t see-through to make the fabric breathable. Because Alkaram Studio uses the highest quality lawn fabric, it is breathable by design.

4. Chiffon and Net Dupattas to Stay Light

A number of outfits in the spring-summer collection come with amazing chiffon and net dupattas that look amazing with these outfits. These chiffon dupattas are lightweight, look elegant, and are a great way to beat the heat in the summer season.

Check out this amazing pastel-colored outfit with a contrasting grey chiffon dupatta to complete the look. This dress is perfect for the summer for two reasons – its light color and its light dupatta. This article is a hit with working women and university-going females because of these very reasons.

Chiffon and Net Dupattas to Stay Light

5. Light Lawn Dupattas

If you don’t like chiffon dupattas, you could always pick outfits that have lawn dupattas from the collection. Because there’s no issue of being see-through with dupattas, the lawn dupattas are made with a slightly open weave compared to the shirt and trouser fabrics. But that’s not the only thing that makes these dupattas light and summer-perfect. Most of the outfits have dupattas that have a lighter color than the outfit. Many of these also have white in the base so as to beat the heat, even if you’re wearing a dupatta on your head.

Final Words

With the heat being unbearable, it is time to restock your wardrobe with the season's finest. Alkaram Studio brings you a collection that is not only glamorous, but also helps you beat the heat. It has amazing, cool designs and color combinations that will make you look great this season while maintaining decency – meaning no see-through fabrics.

Still waiting? Don’t wait anymore and head to your nearest Alkaram Studio store now or browse this gorgeous collection today online!