The Best Color Combinations for Summer

The Best Color Combinations for Summer

The scorching summer heat makes you want to choose styles that keep you comfortable. Therefore, stylishness comes second when you want to choose summer dresses. But what if you have an option where you stay stylish yet cool throughout the summers?

Best Summer Color Combinations

Choosing the right fabrics is one aspect of staying cool during summers while choosing the right color combinations is another, important aspect.

In this guide we will show you which color combinations work best for the summer heat, allowing you to complement the weather.

Blue and White

Blue and white is one of the most popular summer combinations. Cool blue and white exudes serenity, which perfectly complements the summer season.

Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer collection has a number of articles with the blue-white combination. Check out this beautiful 3-piece unstitched, embroidered outfit from Alkaram Studio’s latest collection. This dress has a light blue yarn dyed dupatta and an off-white shirt. The pink, crème, and light blue embroidery thoroughly complements the outfit’s color palette. So, if you want to stay airy and cool during the hottest days of the summer season, this dress is your pick.

Light Purple

Alkaram Studio’s ready-to-wear collection is also replete with outfits that are summer-perfect. Light purple is a recurring color in the ready-to-wear collection that is a perfect pick for the summer heat.

Check out this light-purple dyed jacquard kurti that you can pair with white to give off a cool vibe. This light purple 2pc outfit is also a similar color combination.

Pastel Peach and White

Pastel peach is a color worn throughout the seasons, but it is primarily a summer color, especially if it is combined with white or any other complementary color.

This ready-to-wear cambric kurti from Alkaram Studio’s ready-to-wear collection combines olive with peach and white. This color combination brings out the serenity of peach and white while adding character with olive, and a distinct leafy geometric print.

If you don’t want to wear a combination with white, this peach and teal combination will leave you in awe. This lawn kurti is a great pick for you to stay cool in summer. Combine it with beige colored trousers to balance the look.

Bright Yellows

A great way to embody the summer season is wearing bright yellows and greens. But wearing bright colors on their own might not be the best choice for summers. Therefore, combining them with another color or combination of colors to balance the brightness is a good fashion choice for the summer season.

Check out this bright green, white and blue ready-to-wear shirt from Alkaram Studio’s pret collection. Not only does it look bright, it also balances the brightness with white. The geometric print and the color choice make it perfect for a casual wear in the summer season.

While many of the outfits in Alkaram Studio’s summer ready-to-wear collection have white hues, white is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why this two-shade of orange outfit is great for you if you wish to style yourself for the summers without any whites.

Final Words

With the heat being unbearable, there are lots of color combinations to experiment with that will keep you stylish yet cool. Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer collection has a number of outfits with summer-friendly color combinations to help you beat the heat this summer.

The combinations are not just limited to white but extend to peach-olive, and bright yellows to keep you feeling airy and light this summer.

So, without further , head to your nearest Alkaram Studio store now or browse the collection online to get your hands on the best color combinations for your summer wardrobe.