How to Make Embroidered Unstitched Dresses Perfect for Eid

How to Make Embroidered Unstitched Dresses Perfect for Eid

Embroidered unstitched dresses are a popular choice for Pakistani women during festive occasions like Eid. But they often come with an embroidered neckline or borders that people use for simple, straight dresses. Or they come with a picture that most people prefer to follow.

But since Eid is just round the corner, this blog will give you some tips to design embroidered unstitched dresses that will leave everyone in awe of your creativity and fashion sense.

So, let's dive in and explore the art of creating beautiful, embroidered dresses for a memorable Eid celebration:


1. Make an Angarkha

If you've purchased a stunning embroidered dress with an overall embroidery or intricate bunches in the front, such as the beautiful blue and yellow dress from Alkaram Studio's collection, you have endless possibilities to style it for Eid.

While you can opt for a simple and elegant look by wearing it as shown in the picture, if you're looking to make a bold statement and leave everyone in awe, transforming it into an angarkha style will do just that.

Statement Sleeves

Take inspiration from the design shown in the green and purple unstitched piece from Alkaram Studio's collection, turn your dress into a designer-worthy angarkha ensemble this Eid that is bound to make heads turn.

2. Statement Sleeves

Plain simple sleeves work best if you have a dress that has awe-striking design elements. But, if you have an embroidered neckline, there’s not much you can do about the body of the dress. In this case, statement sleeves can work wonders to enhance the overall look of your dress.

Pink Dress

Take inspiration from this light pink dress that has an embroidered neckline. The model is wearing a dress that has sleeves which are a little puffed at the top, which adds a charming and feminine touch. Making use of the border for the daaman, the designer has made cut sleeves that add to the flair of the dress.


You can even buy laces for the sleeves and add more flair to the sleeves like the design of this orange dress from the unstitched collection 2023 by Alkaram Studio.

3. Style it with Organza

You might have purchased a lawn dress for Eid because of the unbearable June heat, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t style it to match the vibe of this festive occasion.

You can ask the tailor to add organza borders to the daaman, sleeves and even the trousers. Organza borders not only bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to your outfit but also provide a subtle contrast to the lawn fabric, creating a visually appealing ensemble.


4. Add Gota Laces

You can also add gota laces to the borders of your embroidered unstitched dress to add a regal touch and instantly uplift the overall design.

You can opt for slim gota laces for a delicate look or wider ones for a more dramatic effect. Adding these exquisite details to the borders of your dress will infuse it with a sense of traditional grandeur, perfect for the festive ambiance of Eid.

5. Add Tassels

Embrace the trend of tassels this season and make them an integral part of your Eid outfit. Incorporating tassels into your dupatta is an absolute must, regardless of whether it's made of chiffon or lawn fabric.

Tassels not only complement the intricate embroidery on your dress but also infuse a festive touch into your overall look. For an added cohesive appeal, consider incorporating small tassels that match or complement the ones on your dupatta into the embroidery on the neckline.

Final Words

This blog presents 5 tips for you to enhance the look of your unstitched embroidered Alkaram Studio dress this Eid.

With these tips you won’t be restricted to follow the design in the picture. You can make it your own by adding styling elements that are guaranteed to capture attention and leave a lasting impression.