5 Reasons to Choose Ready to Wear Outfits from Alkaram Studio this Eid

Reasons to Choose Ready to Wear Outfits from Alkaram this Eid

Eid is just around the corner. So, you'd want to flaunt your best outfits, jewelry, and shoes when you go out for barbeque parties and gatherings. 

However the unbearable heat might make it difficult for you to look flawless. That is, unless you invest in ready to wear outfits by Alkaram this season! 

Apart from the need to stay breezy during the heat, here are 5 reasons to choose ready to wear outfits from Alkaram Studio this Eid:

1. You Get to Flaunt Summer Colors

This season Alkaram Studio has launched pastel shades combined with the most gorgeous, cool, summer colors. On top of that, the amazing designs by our talented in-house designers have made each piece look elegant and festive at the same time! 

And when you combine these beautiful prints and gorgeous designs with a jhumki or pearl studs, you'll rock the look.

2. You Get Amazing Pieces off the Rack

Sure, tailors do a great job at traditional pieces or designing a piece just like you've imagined. But when you get pieces off the rack at Alkaram Studio, you're getting something that you don't have to invest time in. No hassle of going to the tailor to get it stitched, or the pico walas to make your dupatta borders neat.

Some Alkaram Studio pieces this season have tassels on dupattas that add that perfect touch of Eid festivity. The embroidered pieces are most elegantly stitched to get you the quality that looks like it's just made for you!

3. You Save Money

Believe it or not, when you pick a two or three piece ready to wear outfit from Alkaram Studio, you are saving money that you spend on laces, designing, and stitching. You are also saving yourself from the hassle of tailor visits in this scorching heat! 

4. You Are Choosing the Best of the Season

You can't deny the fact that Alkaram Studio’s collection this season tops the list. So, when you pick from our ready to wear range, you are in fact picking from the topmost designs of the season!

You'll have everyone asking you where you got the dress from when you adorm a dress from Alkaram on Eid! 

5. Breezy Lawn Pieces 

The Alkaram Studio’s Eid collection has been designed keeping in mind the need of the season. Since Eid falls at the end of June, we will experience scorching sunlight during the peak hours of Eid activities. 

Alkaram Studio’s breezy lawn ready to wear outfits are great for Eid mornings when you have to participate in Eid activities while looking your best. For the activities in the evening, you can rock Alkaram Studio’s organza and silk pieces. 

Your shopping from Alkaram Studio this season will be the best choice you make. These ready to wear outfits are not only perfect for the season, they are designed keeping in mind the popular styles and the demand for the season's festivity. 

So, make sure to rush to Alkaram Studio to pick the season's finest before they run out!