The Magic of Cool Blue Color in Summers

The Magic of Cool Blue Color in Summers

As the scorching sun beats down in the summer, dressing stylishly seems like a dream. While many brands launch breathable fabrics for the summers, Alkaram Studio’s collection keeps you cool not just with its fabric, but the choice of colors and designs.

Cool blue hues have been known to feel serene and calm. So, if you’re browsing through the summer collection, you will see many shades of blue and combinations like blue-white. Cool blue undertones are great for the summer season. Therefore, Alkaram Studio designers have also chosen numerous shades of blue for many articles. From delicate pastel shades to rich indigos, every hue is carefully curated to capture the essence of summer and keep you cool and stylish, no matter how hot the summers are.

Shades of light blue

Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer collection has a number of articles with light blue shades. These shades are combined with pink, pastel peach, and white to retain the serenity of the color.

Check out this beautiful 3-piece unstitched, embroidered outfit from Alkaram Studio’s latest collection. This dress has a light blue yard-dyed dupatta and an off-white shirt. The embroidery is also light blue, pink, and crème, thoroughly complementing the color palette of the outfit. This color combination is perfect for staying airy and cool during the hottest days of the summer season.

3-piece unstitched, embroidered outfit

This light blue outfit also looks absolutely gorgeous for the summer season. The print on the shirt stands out with shades of subtle yellow and shades of blue. The dupatta is chiffon and a slightly darker blue shade complements the overall look of the outfit.

light blue outfit

Complementary combinations with blue

Alkaram Studio’s designers know that white is subtle, but not the only color combination with blue that is perfect for summers. Complementary colors like blue-yellow and blue-orange also look great in the summer season.

This blue and yellow outfit from Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer Collection 2024 shows how colors like blue and yellow can work well for the heat in summers. Light shades of blue and yellow and not too busy-looking prints look great for the summer season.

blue and yellow outfit

You can use the printed two pieces in this outfit for a shirt-trouser combination and even a shirt-dupatta combination. However, for the best cool blue look, designers recommend pairing the combination with yellow or off-white trousers or a light blue chiffon dupatta to complement the cool yellow-blue combination.

Magic of teal blue

Although cool blue is a common choice to stay cool during summer, you can experiment with different shades of blue too.

This gorgeous teal and pink color combination strike the balance between cool and bright. It is a great choice for hot summer nights when the sun isn’t scorching down, yet the heat remains unbearable. Plus, this outfit comes with a net dupatta which is a popular choice for dupattas in summer.

gorgeous teal and pink color combination

But if you love the color teal and want to wear the teal-purple combination in the daytime, this outfit with light teal and pink combination is the choice to make. This is a 2-piece outfit that looks absolutely gorgeous and feminine with a floral purple print on a light teal base.

outfit with light teal and pink combination

Final Words

With the heat being unbearable, blue is your wardrobe pick. Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer collection has a number of blue outfits to help you beat the heat this summer. The combinations are not just limited to blue-white, but extend to blue-yellow and even teal-pink to keep you stylish and cool throughout the summer season.

So, before the collection stocks out, head to your nearest Alkaram Studio store now or browse this gorgeous collection today online!