Fashion Trends: What's In for Spring, Summer, Collection for Women

Fashion Trends What's In for Spring Summer Collection for Women

Winter is almost ending and you’re ready to say hello to spring! But are you really?

If your wardrobe is still full of winter outfits, it might be time to go out shopping. This spring, Alkaram Studio brings you the latest fashion trends that are a must-have if you want to stay up to date!

But before you head to the Alkaram Studio website or go to the store, here are some fashion trends that you will see in the latest spring summer unstitched collection:

1. Floral Elegance

Alkaram Studio has named its spring summer collection “The Whispers of Spring” which denotes exactly what this collection offers.

Most of the prints in the collection have floral patterns and colors that depict elegance and freshness. The collection features a mix of bold and large prints and small, delicate floral patterns.

Check this cool blue printed lawn suit from the Whispers of Spring unstitched collection. The delicate white floral print on the shirt combined with slightly large floral bunches on the dupatta are a perfect combination for this spring season.

2. Spring Colors

Unlike the Alkaram Studio unstitched winter collection that explored earthy tones, the spring collection features outfits in cool spring colors like cool blue, baby pink, peach, and orange.

The designers have also designed the collection keeping in mind that spring follows an analogous color theme. So green and blue, orange and pink, and green and rust are some color combinations that you will find in the collection.

Check out this beautiful combination of cool blue and green that perfectly depicts what Whispers of Spring stands for.

Many of the outfits are paired with white- or cream-colored shades to make sure that the outfit does not look overly rich in a season like spring.

3. A Play on the Pinks

Pink is one of the most popular colors in the spring season and in Alkaram Studio’s spring summer collection. Many of the outfits make a combination with bright pink. This is the color that makes the outfit pop.

Check out this blue and white outfit with hints of pink. The designer designed the dress with delicate pink laces to make the design stand out and make sure that it showcases the essence of spring.

This light pink and dark pink analogous color combination is also one of the best pieces in the collection. It showcases the floral elegance of the season and captures the color aesthetic of spring.

Trending Design Ideas for Spring 2024

While the prints and colors in the Spring Summer collection by Alkaram Studio all follow the season’s trends, we have gathered some views from our designers for stitching ideas:

While the prints and colors in the Spring Summer collection by Alkaram Studio all follow the season’s trends, we have gathered some views from our designers for stitching ideas:

  • V necks and collar designs are in this season as opposed to boatnecks or open necks.
  • A-line shirts and frock style have made a comeback this season.
  • Shalwars are also trending this season along with straight cut trousers.
  • Both short and long shirts are in this season!
  • Broad trousers pair well with short shirts.
  • Straight cut trousers look great with frock style and long shirts.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio’s spring summer collection captures the essence of the spring season with is floral charm and cool color tones. This article lists all the fashion trends that this spring summer unstitched collection follows.

The article also features a designer tips section. These tips will help you get your outfits stitched according to the trend and your comfort.

Now that you know which trendy outfits Alkaram Studio’s collection has, it’s time to head to your nearest store or visit Alkaram Studio’s online store now!