How to Choose Unstitched Dress Colors According to Your Skin Tone

How to Choose Unstitched Dress Colors According to Your Skin Tone

When you visit Alkaram Studio’s outlet or browse through the collection online, you get to witness a play of multiple styles and colors. Although each collection has a dominant theme, some colors will still suit you better than others.

But the question is, which colors would suit you better?

Many people spend their entire lives figuring out which colors enhance their look and which colors don’t look so good. But lucky for you, we have a guide for you that will tell you all about color knowledge so you can always make the right choices.

How to Determine the Right Color?

A perfectly good outfit will go to waste if the color doesn’t complement your skin tone. With the right color choices, you can transform your look and even how others perceive you!

To determine the right color for you, you need to consider three factors:

Determine your Skin Undertone

The first step to determining the right color for you is figuring out your skin's undertone. To do this, notice the colors of the veins on your wrist. If your veins are green, your undertone is warm. Your skin tone with this undertone is likely caramel, brown, ivory, and olive.

On the other hand, if the color of your veins is blue, your undertone is cool. You are either porcelain white or have a dark skin tone if you fall under this category.

Value and the Value Contrast

The second factor to consider when figuring out the right colors for you is that you need to understand the value and value contrast. Using the guide below, determine your hair and skin color numbers.

hair levels

Value and Contrast

Once you have the numbers, subtract the numbers. You have a high-value contrast if the number is large (between 6-10). On the other hand, a number between 4-5 is considered a medium value contrast.

If you have a high-value contrast, contrasting color combinations like ivory and navy blue and beige, red, and black and white, red, or beige and navy blue would suit you well. If you have a medium-value contrast, less contrasting combinations like brown and ivory would look great on you.

The Intensity of the Color

The brightness of your teeth and skin tone is also an important factor when choosing colors. This outfit from Alkaram Studio’s Spring-Summer collection with a bright green and electric blue color combination would look great on people who have a cool undertone or a bright skin tone.

Best Color Combinations for Warm Undertones

If you have a medium-value contrast and a warm undertone, here are some great color combinations for you:

Alkaram Studio’s spring-summer unstitched 2024 collection has a lot of different color combinations that are perfect for you if you have a warm undertone.

Best Color Combinations for Cool Undertones

With a medium-value contrast and a cool undertone, you can rock color combinations like bright red, electric blue, and even bright pink!

You can even rock yellows and oranges with this color tone.

Final Words

To determine the best color combination for your skin tone, you need to determine your skin undertone and value contrast. With the right colors in your wardrobe, your style will be unparalleled!

Alkaram Studio’s spring-summer unstitched collection has a wide variety of spring colors that are perfect for the season. There are so many colors to choose from that you will be able to choose the best ones for your skin tone!

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Alkaram Studio outlet or browse the collection online!