What Alkaram Studio Offers in its Azadi Sale 2023

What Alkaram Studio Offers in its Azadi Sale 2023

Azadi celebrations are in full swing in Pakistan. The roads are full of stalls selling flags and brands are putting up sales to quadruple the joy of this occasion. But are all the sales worthwhile?

Alkaram Studio’s Azadi sale this season is definitely worth multiple visits to the store and online!

Here’s a list of all that you will get during Alkaram Studio’s Azadi Sale 2023:

Beautiful Raw Silk Kurti

Get your hands on this beautiful bottle-green raw silk kurti to flaunt on 14th August! This kurti is the perfect mix of traditional and casual attire. Its patterns are derived from Pakistan’s cultural embroidery from all the provinces. The cut is casual, which will be perfect for adorning it even after you’re done celebrating Azadi Day.

You can pair it with black or white, according to your taste. However, we suggest that you pair it with white trousers and dupatta to depict the flag on Azadi day, and with black later.

Flat 50% Off!

Alkaram Studio offers a flat 50% off on its selected casual items including those from MAK and Calico Express. This is the perfect time for stocking up for university and office wear.

The solids from calico are a must-add to your wardrobe if you must go out every day, either to work or university. You can pair these solids with patterned or floral dupattas to add a touch of elegance.

MAK, on the other hand, is perfect for teens. With teens wanting to wear new styles every season, this is a great time to get your hands on some cool prints for them at half the price!

25% off on Unstitched Collection

Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection is quite popular amongst the ladies. And that collection on 25% off is a treat for them!

This collection includes both the new arrivals and the mid-summer collection. So, the Alkaram Studio Azadi Sale 2023 is the best time to get your hands on these prints. From bright floral prints to cool geometric colors, this collection is perfect for every woman’s taste.

Dupattas and Trousers on Sale

Investing in dupattas that can work well with solid kurtis is a wise decision. And when it's on sale, not taking advantage of it is the biggest mistake you can make.

At Alkaram Studio, Azadi sale means that you get access to everything in store at a discounted rate. This way, you can stock up on the wardrobe essentials on a budget.

Even if you don’t use these wardrobe essentials right away, you can keep them for use later. Or you could invest in dupattas to match with solids later to complete a 3pc dress perfect as daily wear.

Jacquard Fabric

Alkaram Studio’s Azadi Sale 2023 also has jacquard fabric on sale. This is sold per meter, so you can purchase as much as you need for the design in mind. You can purchase the regular 2.5 meters for a shirt or go double if you want to use it to make an exquisite Anarkali dress.

You can even purchase these jacquard pieces for gifting. And the Azadi sale is the perfect time to get them as gifts on a budget.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio always brings the best offers for its customers. This time during Azadi Sale 2023, Alkaram Studio has put up a lot of its collection on sale. So, whether you’ve been eyeing a piece from the new collection or want to stock your wardrobe with casuals, dupattas, or trousers, it’s time to head on to the sale now!

You can visit Alkaram Studio online or head on to your nearest Alkaram Studio to quickly get your favorite pieces before they stock out!