Top 5 Unstitched Fabrics for Women in the Winter Collection

Top 5 Unstitched Fabrics for Women in the Winter Collection

When it comes to fabrics for Pakistani winter wear, the first word that comes to mind is “khaddar”. While the traditional khaddar fabric has been a top fabric choice for winter clothes, it is not the only fabric to wear in winters.

Because the summer season comes with a range of fabrics, many women pair those with sweaters or run-of-the-mill shawls to stay warm. But instead of donning thick sweaters and shawls to beat the cold, it is time to add some variety to your wardrobe, so you can stay warm and radiate stylishness with your outfits!

For your ease, we have compiled a list top 5 unstitched fabrics for Women in the winter collection by Alkaram Studio that are a must-have in your winter wardrobe:

1. Chambre

Chambre is a lightweight woven fabric that closely resembles denim but is usually made with plain weave. Although traditionally, the chambray fabric comes in light blue color, Alkaram Studio has chambre outfits in a range of soft colors.

While the fabric offers a balance between warmth and breathability, the design and print of the unstitched outfit is what makes sure that you look your best, even on the coldest days in winter.

2. Karandi

Karandi is a popular choice for winter clothing due to its thick texture and warmth. It's a woven fabric, typically made from cotton or wool, and is known for its ability to keep you cozy in cold weather.

Karandi also offers the perfect canvas for embroidery. Alkaram Studio’s winter collection has a range of karandi fabric dresses with thread work that are bound to set you apart from the crowd.

You can even select karandi pieces with chiffon dupattas for formal wear and pair it with a matching shawl to complete the look. But karandi outfits with karandi dupattas don’t look any less for formal events.

3. Viscose

Viscose is a semi-synthetic fiber known for its soft and silky feel. Different variations of viscose are also perfect for the Summer and Spring-Summer season. However, Alkaram’s unstitched winter collection has a variety of viscose pieces perfect for the upcoming weather providing both warmth and comfort.

In the winter collection, Alkaram Studio offers different variations of viscose including the following:

  • Cross Slub Viscose
  • Twill Viscose
  • Cocktail Viscose
  • Staple Slub Viscose

4. Neps Yarn

Neps yarn is a unique fabric known for its textured appearance, characterized by small, raised bumps or nubs on the surface.It adds an interesting and visually appealing element to winter outfits.

With embroidery, Neps Yarn outfits quadruple in elegance and sophistication. Alkaram Studio has a couple of Neps Yarn outfits in its winter collection that you ought to collect!

5. Cambric

Cambric is a finely woven cotton fabric that is lightweight and breathable. Although cambric is common as a summer fabric, thickened cambric is a popular choice for winter wear because it provides warmth without being overly heavy.

Cambric outfits from Alkaram Studio’s unstitched winter collection are perfect for mild winter days. On other days, you can pair your cambric outfit from Alkaram Studio with a stylish sweater or shawl.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio has a wide variety of winter fabrics in its newest collection. Even though the winter season is short in some places of Pakistan, you need to stock your wardrobe with these high-quality fabrics and enjoy the winter days.

If you live in those places of Pakistan or abroad where you have a stretched winter season, you can surely enjoy every one of the fabrics and outstanding designs in the Alkaram Studio women’s winter collection – including the much popular khaddar fabric.