How to Dress Your Best for Work

How to Dress Your Best for Work

Dressing up for work in a Pakistani workplace is very tricky. While many of us think that Western outfits are most professional, not all working ladies are comfortable pulling off Western outfits. At the same time, the Paksitani look should look professional and well-groomed.

While Alkaram Studio has a range of embroidered dresses meant for parties and festive occasions, it also has a wide range of outfits that are perfect for work. But how to pick and choose from this huge range?

Lucky for you, we have gathered some tips you can use to dress up your best for work:

Tips to Dress Up for Work

Figuring out the mix between casual and professional that is right for the office setting is confusing. Here are some tips you can follow to dress up for work which sets the right tone:

1. Choose the Right Fit

Ready-to-wear printed outfits without blingy laces and shiny buttons are a great pick for office wear. However, when you are selecting from a ready-to-wear collection like Alakram Studio which has a range of outfits meant for every kind of occasion, search for outfits that don’t have a lose fit. A straight cut look is best for office settings. On the other hand, stitched frock styles and angarkhas are best for party wear or weekends.

If you’re on a budget, select some one-piece dresses from Alkaram Studio’s ready to wear collection and pair it with basic trousers (white, beige, and black). You can even pair your one-piece outfits with jeans. However, we suggest that you don’t wear jeans to meetings. Consider investing in a matching trouser or pair it with basic-colored trousers for a formal yet elegant look.

2. Choose the Right Colors

Bright and blingy colors don’t work well in the office settings. Muted tones and pastel colors give an elegant and formal look. Also, don’t go for bold, floral patterns. You can invest in plain outfits, lightly embroidered shirts like this one, or geometric prints like simple lines or small motifs.

To mix things up, pair these muted tones with a contrasting dupatta. Just make sure that you aren’t wearing very bright dupattas with plain pieces.

3. Don’t Wear Blingy Jewelry

Blingy jewelry pieces like statement earings or jhumkis are best suited for festive events like Eid or weddings. In the office setting, you need to wear jewelry that elegantly complements your overall look.

Small pearl studs or small earrings can look great with clothes of the right colors and fit. You can even wear simple bracelets or plain (not too big) watches.

4. Wear Pressed Dresses

To look professional in the workplace setting, wearing clean and lightly starched dresses is a must. If you are pairing your outfit with a lawn dupatta, starching and pressing it is also a must because dupattas tend to get wrinkly and look untidy after a while. If you wear a dupatta or a scarf over your head it should be clean and pressed too.

Final Words

When you go out shopping for office dresses, it might take you a lot of time to sort through racks upon racks of baggy clothes, stylish cuts, and fancy dresses. However, if you know what you’re searching for, the task becomes easy. We have gathered some expert tips for you that you can use to dress your best for work.

Plain, matching separates without bold floral patterns, or geometric designs are the perfect pick for work. Pair them with matching trousers or invest in basic colored trousers like black, beige, and white.

Plain, printed, and geometric designs from Alkaram Studio’s solids in its ready-to-wear collection are a great pick for office wear. You can accentuate these outfits with subtle jewelry pieces to complete your look. So, pick these outfits today from Alkaram Studio’s website or store today!