Fabric Used in Alkaram Studio's Embroidered Pieces

Fabric Used in Alkaram Studio's Embroidered Pieces

Alkaram Studio is known for its impressive embroidery pieces and vibrant designs. People in Pakistan and abroad choose Alkaram Studio for this very reason.

While the people love Alkaram Studio’s embroidery designs, today we will delve into the fabrics that are used in embroidered lawn suits in Alkaram Studio’s Unstitched Collection that make it more than just the designs.

1. Cambric Fabric

Cambric fabric is the perfect canvas for embroidery. It is a little thicker than lawn, so the colors and brightness of the fabric is better than lawn. If you want to pick pieces where the embroidery blends well with a colorful background, cambric fabric in embroidered 3-piece suits is the way to go. Because cambric is such a great canvas for embroidered pieces, Alkaram Studio has a huge range of embroidered dresses on cambric fabric.

Most of the cambric fabric embroidered articles are coupled with dupattas that go well with it. Choose organza fabric dupatta if you want to go for something fancy. A net or chiffon dupatta is lightweight and adds to the elegance of the piece.

2. Lawn Viscose Fabric

If you want to wear something light and airy in this summer heat but are not willing to compromise on the look and feel of the dress, lawn viscose is the way to go. Lawn viscose has a silky and luxurious texture. For a 3-piece embroidered suit, this fabric gives the shine that the piece needs to make the look fancy.

Lawn dresses with chiffon dupattas give the perfect combination. When embroidery is added to this combination, it adds a timeless appeal to this dress, perfect for night outs, parties, and even casual gatherings.

3. Jacquard Fabric

Jacquard fabric is thicker than lawn, but its intricate patterns make it a great fabric to choose if you want an embroidered dress. Alkaram has a good collection of jacquard dresses with embroidered necklines and sleeves.

These jacquard dresses are often paired with slub or jacquard dupattas so it all comes together to create a luxurious look.

4. Kanjivaram Fabric

Kanjivaram fabric is used for sarees as well as dresses. The rich gold borders and dense brocades are what set this fabric apart from others like jacquard. It also uses contrasting colors which work well with embroidery with threads of one of the colors.

Because this fabric is used for sarees even today and is known for its hand-weaves, it looks absolutely elegant and is a timeless fashion.

This piece from Alkaram Studio’s embroidered collection uses the colors black, white, and gold. The embroidery is black which stands on the white background. The dupatta is made from the same woven fabric which allows the look to come together.

5. Slub Fabric

If you’re looking for a fabric that is lightweight but still looks luxurious and appealing, go for slub fabric. Alkaram Studio has a good variety of embroidered dresses that make use of slub fabric. Many embroidered pieces in jacquard and viscose lawn also use slub fabric for the dupatta.

But slub fabric also works well with Karandi used for dupattas as it adds the needed fanciness to the dress.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio is one of the top choices for embroidered pieces amongst Pakistani women. They chose Alkaram Studio not only because of the intricate embroidery patterns, but because of the choice of fabric for the embroidery canvas and the dupattas.

Alkaram Fabric’s designers design embroidery patterns according to the fabric. That is the reason why each piece in Alkaram Studio’s collection looks elegant and exudes luxuriousness.