Design Inspirations for your Unstitched Dresses

Design Inspirations for your Unstitched Dresses

Unstitched dresses offer endless possibilities for fashion enthusiasts. Tailoring these amazing prints and intricate embroideries allow these enthusiasts to truly embody their unique sense of style.

But creating a one-of-a-kind ensemble is challenging. Mostly people follow the designs on the picture that comes with the dresses or go for simple straight dresses.

To give you some unique ideas, we are here with 7 design elements. You can incorporate any of these or a combination in your Alkaram Studio’s unstitched dresses to create dresses that are sure to turn heads!

Kaftan Look

1. Kaftan Look

Kaftans are an embodiment of modernity and style. Because kaftans are formal wear, we often choose fabrics like chiffon and silk for this style.

But you’d be surprised to learn that kaftans even look great with Alkaram Studio’s summer lawn fabric. Both the fabric and the style give an airy feel, perfect for rocking a stylish look despite the heat in Pakistan.

Frock Look

2. Frock Look

Like kaftans, people also feel that frocks look best when made from sheer fabrics. But Alkaram’s soft lawn fabric makes it possible to carry a frock look without compromising the flair that makes a frock look amazing.

Angarkha with Pleats

3. Angarkha with Pleats

If you wish to get a traditional plus forma look, there’s no better choice than an angarkha.

Combine these with delicate gold laces to make it look festive. It’s best if you choose a bright and colorful print for this design so it works well with the gold accents in the design.

This bright pink and orange from Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection looks perfect for a festive look that you can rock even in the summer heat!

Casual Collar Look

4. Casual Collar Look

If you don’t want to get the traditional frocks and angarkhas, you can even opt for a casual collar look with small chocks bordered with the prints we usually utilize only for sleeves. Make sure to get elbow length sleeves to complement the overall casual feel of the outfit.

A-line Dress

5. A-line Dress

A-line shirts combined with a frock style look quite aesthetic, especially if you’re going for a formal cum traditional look.

Select a delicate lace for the style in a complementary color to make the design pop. The prints from Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection stand out too. This design will surely make the dress and you the center of attention at any party or gathering.

Fabric Buttons

6. Fabric Buttons

Fabric buttons were quite the rage a decade ago. However, this design has made a comeback in the recent years.

You can cleverly utilize this element with a bright GPO lace. Check the picture where the model is earing a black outfit. The fabric buttons and the orange lace neckline add the needed pop to this dress. The designer has also added straight laces to form pleats to further accentuate the dull orange in the print.

Although this article comes with an embroidered neckline, you can use laces for this kind of look on any simple printed unstitched dress too.

Detailing on Shoulders

7. Detailing on Shoulders

Many of us often use the given borders in unstitched dresses for sleeves or the neckline. But this unique look utilizes the border for detailing on the shoulders.

This design also uses the borders for the neckline and for detailing in the trousers.

The detailing on the shoulders gives a color-blocking look, making the shoulders look slender.

Final Words

Unstitched dresses come with a picture with the model adorning the dress to guide the buyers regarding the design. However, if you want a one-of-a-kind look, you should ditch the standard guide and experiment with different designs.

This article gives 7 ideas for your unstitched dresses. Although these ideas aren’t entirely unique, mixing and matching them together can give you an outfit that reflects your personality and your sense of style.