5 Tips for Buying Unstitched Spring Summer Dresses in 2024

5 Tips for Buying Unstitched Spring Summer Dresses in 2024

Spring is here and so is the much-awaited collection of the season – the Alkaram Spring-Summer collection!

This time round, Alkaram Studio’s collection is full of vibrant hues and floral prints that are bound to captivate anyone who looks.

But don’t be surprised when we tell you this – there’s an art to shopping from a floral collection. With the right prints, designs, and colors, you can accentuate your body and exude grace wherever you go.

So, hold your horses on the shopping spree and stay with us for 5 tips for buying unstitched spring summer dresses in 2024:

1. Big floral prints

Alkaram Studio’s spring/ summer collection has its fair share of bold and big floral prints. These prints look perfect for curvier females who want to appear thinner and leaner.

This article from the spring summer collection is perfect for fashion enthusiasts who want to appear leaner. The colors blue and black are also the perfect combination for looking slimmer.

2. Choose the right colors

Spring is all about bright colors. At Alkaram Studio, we have a number of articles with bright color combinations that look decent and classy and not over the top. For instance, checkout this orange and pink dress from the unstitched collection that gives off the spring vibe without being overdramatic.

There are also a lot of combinations of pestle and bright colors in this collection that balance the look. Check out this combination of peach and orange. The model’s dress has a pop of blue in this dress with a lace and buttons which elevates the look of this dress.

3. Pinks are in

This season Alkaram Studio’s unstitched spring summer collection has a lot of pink outfits. However, if your wardrobe already has pink dresses, you might want to keep your hands off these gorgeous prints.

Even though pink is a feminine color that most women pick during spring season, it is best not to have similar outfits in your wardrobe.

4. Mix of geometry and florals

While many designers don’t think that you should mix florals and geometric prints, Alkaram Studio’s designers have put in a lot of effort in designing a collection that showcases the traditional Pakistani look with elegant floral prints.

For instance, this concoction of geometric prints with florals exudes simplicity and elegance.

5. Choose a Lawn Dupatta

If you wish to wear a 3-piece dress, there’s nothing better than a lawn dupatta in the season. As the season transitions from chilly to pleasant, a lawn dupatta is perfect to keep you feeling warm. Plus, the beautiful dupatta designs in Alkaram Studio’s collection complete the look.

Design Tips for Alkaram Studio’s Spring Summer Collection

Once you’ve shopped from the unstitched collection, it is time to get your dresses designed. Here are some tips to help you:

  • If you have chosen big floral prints, don’t crowd the dress with a lot of design elements.
  • Wear minimalistic jewelry because the print is already bold.
  • If you’ve chosen small floral prints, use vertical design elements like a rectangular lace design on the neckline to balance the look.
  • Use laces and buttons of contrasting colors to make dresses with pastel colors POP!

Final Words

Shopping from a collection where all the outfits score 10/10 on design and fabric is difficult. Lucky for you, this article lists 5 tips you should keep in mind when shopping from the Alkaram Studio spring summer unstitched collection.

If you still haven’t seen Alkaram Studio’s collection, head to your nearest store now or visit the Alkaram Studio website to book the articles before they stock out!