Best Formal-Wear Styles in Alkaram Studio's Winter Collection

Best Formal-Wear Styles in Alkaram Studio's Winter Collection

As we bid adieu to the Autumn season, we know that it’s time for brands to launch their winter collections. Alkaram Studio stands as one of the most favorite brands amongst fashion enthusiasts. Alkaram Studio’s Winter Collection is much awaited because of the designs that blend the traditional and modern design and the rich winter color palette.

When it comes to unstitched collections, Alkaram Studio again beats the rest. While you can get the dresses stitched in a simple, straight cut, the design versatility allows anyone to create customized pieces for their wardrobe. But thinking outside the designs on the card is not an easy feat.

We are here with 3 best formal-wear styles that you can create from Alkaram Studio’s Unstitched Winter Collection 2023:

1. A-line Shirt Design

A-line shirts with a little flair from the middle are quite popular these days. This design looks great in 2pc and 3pc unstitched dresses. As for the bottoms, straight trousers and shalwars look great with this design.

Check out this style on Maya Ali – the emerald green and dull gold combination looks great as an A-line flair shirt. Although this style would look great without a dupatta too, in winter, dupattas are a necessary add-on to complete the ensemble.

Alkaram Studio’s Winter Collection has 3.00-meter cloth for shirt pieces, so your tailor can easily design this style without the need for additional fabric or laces.

2. Cuff Sleeves

Winter styles are often baggy to help stay warm. However, this doesn’t mean that you should only opt for straight cut styles and bell sleeves.

Cuff sleeves are a great design for winter clothing. But if you want to get this style stitched, make sure you go for unstitched articles from the Alkaram Studio’s Winter Collection that have printed borders for the cuff.

Check out this style that the model is wearing in which the cuff is designed from the borders usually used for daaman and baggy style sleeves. The cuff is also lined with a delicate matching gray lace to add femininity to the look.

3. Boatneck Design

Boatnecks have been a popular design style for quite some time. However, this style looks best when you have boatneck style embroidery on the neckline. That means the neckline embroidery doesn’t define the neckline in a shape but is placed overall for creative freedom.

This boatneck style on one of Alkaram Studio’s most popular winter articles looks amazing and sophisticated. The first reason why the boatneck looks so good on this article is that the pink embroidery on the neckline is not defined like this one.

Secondly, the pink of the embroidery stands out elegantly on the rusty, earthy orange color, which you don’t want to cut out with a round or V-neck design.

Design Tip: You can even embellish the boatneck with a lace to make the look perfect for winter festivities and parties.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio’s winter collection features embroidered pieces, 3pc suits that come with amazing shawls, and printed pieces – all perfect for creating a customized, formal look for winters.

Although our designers create great styles for every unstitched piece in the collection that you can use for inspiration, you can always mix and match design styles to create something that reflects your own personal style and creativity.

We have collected top 3 design ideas from Alkaram Studio’s Unstitched Winter Collection 2023 that you can use for any article. So, if you’re feeling inspired, head over to the Alkaram Studio Website or your nearest Alkaram Studio store to get your hands on the best Winter Collection this season!