5 Winter Fabrics from Alkaram Studio for January

5 Winter Fabrics from Alkaram Studio for January

January is the peak of the winter season. This is why you cannot pair your summer clothes with sweaters or ordinary shawls, especially if you’re stepping out of the house for a gathering or a simple dinner out.

Your wardrobe should have winter fabrics that you can wear during the cold days (and nights) in January. This way you can stay warm and comfortable while looking stylish!

Alkaram Studio’s unstitched winter collection has some of the best and most comfortable fabrics of the season. Combined with the designs by Alkaram Studio’s designers, these outfits are the perfect choice as winter wear.

For you, we have compiled a list of the top 5 winter fabrics from Alkaram Studio’s winter unstitched collection to make the first month of the year warm and stylish!

1. Chambre

Chambre is a woven fabric that looks lightweight but is extremely comfortable for the winter season. This fabric is perfect for the less chilly winter days too. Plus, you can wear chambre to work without worrying about the air conditioning making you feel chilly or the heat during the day making you feel stuffy.

This grey chambre outfit from Alkaram Studio’s winter collection is perfect for formal or work wear. You can get it stitched with delicate laces at the borders and sleeves to accentuate it more. Or you can get it stitched plain and simple if you wish to wear it at work or for meetings.

2. Karandi

Unlike chambre, karandi has a thick texture. Because this fabric is thicker, it offers the perfect canvas for embroidered pieces. Alkaram Studio’s winter collection has karandi pieces which are printed as well as embroidered.

These outfits are perfect for your wardrobe if you have to go out during winter nights or have an office where the environment is chilly even during the daytime.

3. Viscose

Like chambre, viscose is a lightweight fabric that is popular for winters. It is a semi-synthetic fabric that gives a silky feel – making it perfect for casual days or nights out. Alkaram Studio has different kinds of viscose fabrics that you can choose from:

  • Staple Slub Viscose
  • Cocktail Viscose
  • Cross Slub Viscose
  • Twill Viscose

4. Cambric

Cambric is a popular all-year-round fabric. However, Alkaram Studio’s winter collection has thickened cambric that keeps you warm and comfortable on both sunny winter days and chilly January winter nights.

Alkaram Studio has an amazing collection of printed cambric outfits that you can wear every day and even for casual winter days.

5. Khaddar

Khaddar is quite a popular winter fabric. It is great as casual or everyday wear in January. You can wear 2-piece khaddar dresses and pair them with stoles and shawls or invest in 3-piece khaddar dresses if you want to wear it to events.

Geometric patterns are quite popular in khaddar. However, you can also invest in floral patterns in khaddar if you want to wear khaddar in get togethers or events. This 3-piece khaddar outfit made on a rusty winter color palette with a delicate floral print is perfect for occasions.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio has a wide range of winter fabrics in its unstitched collection. Although this is the last month before we bid adieu to winters, January is the peak of the winter season. You want to look your best during your casual outings, at work, or in get -together parties by wearing fabrics that are perfect for winters and styles that are sophisticated.

This article presents 5 winter fabrics that you must have in your winter wardrobe and stay comfortable, warm, and stylish during the winter season.