Unveiling Unstitched Elegance: A Guide to Women's Unstitched Trousers

Unveiling Unstitched Elegance: A Guide to Women's Unstitched Trousers

In the world of Pakistani women's fashion, the top, trousers, and a dupatta are the elements of a perfect ensemble. But mostly trousers are left plain or matched with the top and the design elements are only focused towards the top and dupattas.

While plain trousers can balance the look of the ensemble, its styling can really elevate the entire look. In this guide, we will explore the world of women's unstitched trousers, discussing their types, fabric choices, and tips for achieving a look that is bound to draw attention.

Types of Trouser Styles

Unstitched trouser fabric can be used in a variety of ways. You can get it stitched as a shalwar or one of the various trouser types discussed below:

1. Straight-cut Trousers

Straight-cut or cigarette pants have a straight narrow cut, perfect for creating a sophisticated look. The best part about this style is that it is perfect for both formal and casual occasions.

2. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo-style trousers do not only offer comfort, but also exude elegance. Palazzo pants work well with fitted tops and most suitable as casual wear. However, many women also prefer wearing palazzo pants for work for getting through the day comfortably.

3. Wide-leg Trousers or Culottes

Wide-leg trousers or culottes look great for giving a sense of drama. Although this style works well with plain fabric, printed fabric for the trouser makes this style stand out, especially if you are wearing co-ord sets or pairing it with fitted plain tops.

Alkaram studio has a wide range of unstitched 2-piece outfits that have printed trouser fabric which works great for the wide-legged style.

4. Tapered Trousers

Tapered trousers have a narrow, angled leg that narrows towards the ankle. This style is perfect for people who have a pear-shaped body but don’t want to wear wide-legged trousers or palazzos. Since tapered trousers offer a modern and tailored look, they are suitable for office wear along with casual wear.

Fabric Choices for Trousers

Alkaram Studio offers a wide variety of fabrics in its mid-summer collection – perfect for the season. You can choose from the following options for unstitched trouser fabrics when you shop at Alkaram Studio:

1. Viscose Lawn

Viscose lawn is the perfect choice for the warm season in Pakistan. It is a lightweight and durable fabric and works great for all types of trousers discussed above.

2. Cambric

Cambric is thicker than lawn but is breathable and comfortable too. It is ideal for casual wear and summer-fall transition days.

3. Chambre

Chambre fabric looks like denim but is more lightweight. It is perfect for the fall weather and the fabric looks quite elegant as a stitched trouser. Its softness makes this fabric perfect for the weather and its look and feel make it perfect for trousers worn for office or formal occasions.

Tips for Achieving the Perfect Look

If you’re going with Alkaram Studio for your unstitched trousers, you can be worry-free about the fabric quality. But to achieve the perfect look, here are some tips you can follow:

Proper Measurements

Tight or overly large trousers can reflect a poorly maintained wardrobe especially if you’re going for a straight-cut style or a tapered look. So, you must ensure accurate measurements for your waist, hips, and inseam. This way you will have trousers that fit perfectly and look just right for you.

Choose Professional Tailoring

Select a tailor for who can create a customized fit for you according to your requirements.

Add Embellishments

Round pearl buttons, wooden buttons, and intricate laces can completely elevate the look of a trouser. Consider a trouser that is stitched plainly and another one embellished with a matching lace – you will see a great difference in the look that each gives off.


Follow care instructions for your chosen fabric to keep your trousers looking fresh and elegant. For trousers that you wear on special occasions, consider drycleaning rather than washing on a cold cycle with harsh detergents.

Final Words

Alkaram Studio has a wide variety of trouser fabrics and styles in its unstitched collection. You can select the different fabrics based on the look you want to achieve and style it accordingly.

Browse through Alkaram Studio’s unstitched collection by visiting in-store or shop online and get your hands on the season’s best pieces before the mid-summer sale ends!