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Bath Bamboo Towel

Bath Bamboo Towel
Product Code: HTE-BT-02-Blue
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Bamboo towels made of bamboo fiber/yarn are recognized for their lavishly soft and fluffy texture in contrast to pure cotton towels. Known for their excellent absorbency, bamboo towels remain incredibly soft and durable even after multiple washes.

These towels are ideal for those with allergies or sensitive skin due to their hypoallergenic construction.


Soft hand feel & highly breathable
Extra moisture absorption
Anti-fungal, Anti-Bacterial properties
Hypo-allergenic & natural de-odorize properties


Product: Bath Bamboo Towel
Size: 70 x 140 cm
Type: Plain Towel
Construction: Combed Yarn with 70% Bamboo & 30% Cotton

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HTE-BT-02-Blue HTE-BT-02-Blue HTE-BT-02-Blue back